Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A little detective work on the pre-owned Bentley for FREE.

You wouldn't THINK of dropping over $300,000 on a pre-owned Bentley Arnage WITHOUT doing a little background check now would you? If you ARE in the market for one, Bentley keeps a list of pre-owned vehicles ready for purchase. Whatever car you're thinking of buying - you really should be finding out is it's been in an accident, if the title is clear, etc. before handing your money over.

Quite often, when you purchase from a dealer, they'll pull up a CarFax FOR you. If you're thinking of buying from a private party, you can do the same yourself. As a matter of fact, right now you can get a FREE Auto Check Vehicle History Report from AutoCheck (which is a part of Experian) courtesy of CBS Atlanta.

Armed with an AutoCheck vehicle history report when purchasing a vehicle can help you:

Save Money: If you discover an issue, bring it to the dealer's attention and suggest a lower price that is more acceptable to you.

Make an Informed Decision: Use an AutoCheck vehicle history report to avoid vehicles with hidden problems like flood damage, odometer rollback, lemon vehicles and more.

Comparison Shop: Compare vehicles using the AutoCheck Score, a bargaining chip only available with an AutoCheck vehicle history report!

If you prefer a CarFax Report instead (or in addition) use

Username: Free@CBSAtlanta.com

ID: carfax

Have fun test driving those Bentleys. Oh & if a Bentley isn't your style - you can always look at a Lotus. By the way, you can also run those reports on a Honda Civic or ANY car that you'd like!


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