Thursday, April 2, 2009

Is this any way to get a job?

Is there actually some good news in the job market? I know that a lot of you are looking for a way to make a few extra dollars to be able to truly enjoy the good life. Opening up the help wanted classified ads has become an extremely eye-opening experience. Even in major metropolitan newspapers, what once brought 20-30 PAGES of ads on a Sunday, may now be down to a page or two, with MOST ads being for jobs that pay straight commission or stuffing envelope type of scams.

While reclining on the Chesterfield, watching our local news broadcast last night, I saw a short piece on an unusual way to find a job. Using the eBay model (yes, this job listing site uses an auction type of bidding). At Jopaphiles you can browse ads and actually BID on how much you're willing to get paid to perform them.

Here's how the process works ~

Looking for a Job?

Let's face it: You could use some extra cash. The problem is that you don't have time for a full-time job. And the part-time campus jobs aren't thrilling. How would you like to find work that is short-term, interesting, and pays well. Welcome to Jobaphiles.

  1. Browse Jobs
    There are several ways to browse through the job listings.
    1. Click on "Get a Job" and you will see all job listings, beginning with jobs whose bidding is ending soonest. You can then filter based on recent posts, price, and location.
    2. Click on any of the job categories on the left side of the page and you will browse jobs in those areas.
    3. Enter a keyword in the search box and all related jobs will appear.
  1. Read the Details
    When you find a job posting that interests you, read the detailed description. Make sure you have the capacity to complete the job. If you have any questions, you can post a question for the job poster. Take note of the forms of payment that the employer offers.
  1. Check the Ratings
    If the employer has used Jobaphiles before, there will be ratings and comments about him or her.
  1. Place a Bid
    To place a bid, enter the dollar value for which you would be willing to complete the job into the bid box. This represents your offer for the amount of money you require to finish the job. You don't have to have the lowest bid to win; employers make their decision based on price and ratings. However, a lower bid is more likely to win.
    Note that the employer can choose a bid at any time, so only place a bid that you would be satisfied to work for.
  1. You will be contacted
    Once the job poster chooses your bid, he or she will receive your contact information. They will contact you by phone or email and arrange the time and location of the job. You will also be given the job poster's contact information.
  1. Get Paid
    When the job is completed, the employer will pay you the amount of your bid. You can choose from the payment options listing in the job details page.
  1. Rate the Employer (Optional)
    Once the employer indicates the job is compete, you will be given the opportunity to rate him or her. Leaving feedback about the employer will help ensure that Jobaphiles remains a safe and honest community.
  1. Get Re-Hired (Optional)
    If you and the employer agree on additional jobs, the employer can use Jobaphiles online re-hiring form to hire you again. Completing the process online will give each of you the opportunity to leave additional feedback, thus promoting responsible behavior by both parties.
There were jobs ranging from babysitting to accounting. Jobaphiles is still in BETA mode, so it looks like they're working the kinks out. I did notice a "services offered" section on the front page, so if you're a blog designer, babysitter, writer, etc. this might be for YOU!

OK, well it's back to Jobaphiles for me to see if anyone's hiring a dilettante who needs someone to get massages, facials and other spa treatments and get paid for it. Ta ta - I'm off to live the good life!


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