Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cook is going to LOVE this giveaway.

Sara Lee's got a lot of HEART. So much so that they're giving away FREE Cookbook's for collecting UPC's of their products.

If you'd rather WIN one of the WomenHeart's All Heart Family Cookbooks for you (um, I mean for cook), check out this EASY entry form HERE. Two Readers will each win a copy of this FABULOUS cookbook. Hurry, because this giveaway ends next week - April 15th!

  • Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women in the United States. Sara Lee Fresh Bakery knows the first step to a healthy heart is maintaining a healthy weight and getting the nutrition women need in order to live a strong life and care for their families.

  • Sara Lee is partnering with The Heart Truth Campaign to raise awareness of heart disease among women and encourage them to make heart healthy food choices every day. One of the best things a mom can do for her family is to take care of herself!

  • To support the campaign, Sara Lee Fresh Bakery is offering heart healthy sandwich recipes in the WomenHeart’s ALL HEART Family Cookbook and will contribute one dollar for every cookbook ordered up to $35,000 to the National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease.
Remember your family is COUNTING on you to take care of yourself! How else can you live the good life?


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