Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bella Sara - the trading cards for GIRLS

I remember when my son was younger and he collected the Marvel character cards. Then as he grew older he collected and played MAGIC the Gathering. His closet was stuffed with baseball, football and even GOLF cards. I had always assumed that trading cards were targeted to both girls and boys, but looking back I don't remember any girl's cards on the market.

Recently Team Mom send me 2 sets of Bella Sara Treasures cards and 2 packs of Bella Sara Miniatures to review. I spent this past weekend with my 5 year old niece and asked her if she'd test them out for me.

She was VERY excited to be chosen to try them out.

She first tore into the Miniatures. Each packet contained a fantasy themed horse that was to be put on a little pedestal, to collect and play with. There was NO WAY that this 5 year old could put the horses onto the pedestal. It took her mother and I about 6 tries between each of us to get it to stay. The fantasy cards had cute inspirational messages, but I'm not sure that she understood what to do with them.

The Bella Sara Treasures were trading cards with information about each "treasure." My niece was excited about going on online and registering her cards and playing with them on the website. She is going to need her mom's help to input the codes, because they were VERY long, but at least they were clearly written on each card.

Overall, my niece LOVED the cards and is looking forward to collecting them. The little horses were too tiny for little hands to put together, and she really didn't know what to do with them. My guess is that her mom and I will be buying more of the cards for her, but we'll definitely pass on the Miniatures.


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