Sunday, April 12, 2009

Barter Babe barters her way to the good life!

I'll admit that sometimes I use my wiles and charm to live the life that I ADORE! Maybe I'll bat my eyelashes at the concierge for those front row tickets to the hottest show in town or flash a smile to the guy behind the counter at deli (he always throws in some extra smoked salmon for me - no charge). That works for some things, but with the larger items - I don't think a wink will get me as far.

I've been learning a LOT about using barter to live on less! BarterBabe really knows what she's talking about, because she WALKS the WALK on the subject. Here's what she had to say about bartering this week on her blog - Bartering Basics and Living Life on Less!

I am a small business owner in the computer sales and service industry we started bartering through ITEX which is a trade and barter company where you can buy products and services without cash. ITEX follows three basic credos that benefits both businesses and individual lifestyles. I started a blog to highlight just this because I am a participant with ITEX through my business. We have done numerous sales through this philosophy and what a great time to continue throughout this economy. With over 100 broker offices throughout the US, ITEX can help you reach out and connect with other businesses and increase your traffic and volume. You can branch out and create networks in places you normally wouldn't have done alone. What occurs when one barters is the sole discretion of the person or businesses based on the barter organization. There are numerous barter exchange networks but you need to find out which model you would like to follow in order to satisfy how well your business will do in the long run. We have just started with another bartering program called IMS it is by far the largest full-service, membership-based trading network in the United States. We decided to join this one because it offers more in our area. We have dined out, went bowling, had our cars fixed and much more. I recently found that a dentist in my area is a participating IMS Member so off to the dentist I will go. Bartering isn’t just about getting free things businesses have to work hard and sometimes do things a bit differently in order to gain that customer contact. Bartering for our business has boomed not only because we offer great customer service and a great warranty for all customers it is because we offer other alternatives to paying in cash. If you are interested in knowing more about this concept for your business please feel free to contact Beth or MJ Johnson she is a fantastic broker out of the Minneapolis/St. Paul office. MJ will be able to lead you to find the answers you are seeking.

She's even used barter dollars to go on VACATION (my ears perked up when I hear that)!!!

If YOU or YOUR business is interested in bartering, PLEASE check out Barter Babe's WEBSITE to learn MORE!!!


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Barterbabe said...

Thanks that is so awesome!

Zippy said...

It's my pleasure, I'm learning so much from your site. I hope that my readers learn as well.

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