Saturday, March 21, 2009

Trendy or Classic? It's time to Glam up your Spring wardrobe.

The question of how do you look rich on a budget is a question that we struggle with each change of season. Skinny jeans a thing of the past and wide is in. So, how can this champagne girl keep up without emptying that Lodis wallet?

Personally, I'm not one to succumb to fashion trends. I like a sharp, classic look that's timeless and elegant. Does that mean that I'm stuck in some fashion time-warp? Mais non, just the opposite. My classic wardrobe is updated each season and YES, there is the occasional HOT new item added.

Yesterday being the first day of Spring - I took a peak inside the walk-in closet and thought about what I can do to make what I have look CURRENT. Typically, I buy a couple of inexpensive HOT accessories and maybe one or two new pieces that will work with what I already have.

COLOR - This is the primary way to get the new look into your wardrobe. The HOT colors this season are Red and a Vibrant Green. What does that mean to you and me? It means a WICKED pair of Red Heels and a scarf to accessorize my otherwise basic black and white wardrobe. There's nothing like a hot pair of RED shoes with black, white, navy - wait - red might just be the new black!. At 6PM you can pick up shoes for up to 75% off. Look at these great red shoes for only $29.11 (SKU #7302036).

ONE SIGNATURE PIECE - Asymmetry. You've probably seen a lot of this look on the Red Carpet this season. This Spring it is showing up in both evening wear as well as everyday looks. Tanks, T's, bathing suits and of course dresses are all being shown in one shoulder, off the shoulder or looks like the shirt on the left. Personally, I'm passing on this look, because you have to be very slender on top to pull this off. For those of you who fit the bill, you'll be able to find these in TJ Maxx, Marshall's, and just about EVERYWHERE. One piece should be all you need. This look with a great fitting pair of jeans should make the statement that you want.

Accessories - You can't open up a magazine or walk into the Mall without seeing a Bib Necklace. No need to shell out the BIG bucks for this. An inexpensive knock-off will work well, as you may be tucking it away in a few months. This is one item that I'm going for when I attend the Loehmann's event. I figure that I should be able to pick one up for under $15.00 ( probably even LESS with that extra 15% off on March 26th). If you're conservative about your choice (like the one from J. Crew in the picture), you'll get many years of wear out of it. I'm just not spending $150 for a piece of costume jewelry.

See, that wasn't so difficult (or expensive). I'm guessing that I'll spend under $50 TOTAL to make my wardrobe trendy & current - without losing that classic style that I'm known for. It's all about sticking with WHO YOU ARE and what you look GREAT IN. Everyone should look at you and think - how does she live the GOOD LIFE on HER/HIS budget?


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2 comments: said...

$50 total including the COACH? just ribbing you zippy....... have you seen my what not to wear post? LOL I just don't get the "must have" stuff! maybe you can help! :)

Zippy said...

I have 3 Coaches - none of them "new" although they have stood the test of time and look as classic today as they did (um, my oldest is about 30 years old). $50 is what I'm spending....well, probably less, since I'll get a bib necklace and some RED shoes (I'll see if I can pick up a pair at Loehmann's on Thursday). WHOO HOO - One HOT mama coming through!

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