Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rich Returns

Making and keeping your money is a real challenge for most of us right now. Many of us lost a good portion (I'm being NICE here - I should say MORE THAN A GOOD PORTION) of our retirement funds recently. Those of us with savings or who are already in retirement have seen a sharp decline in the interest rates. How is it possible to live the good life when you don't have the funds?

There are a lot of people (I'm not including myself here, as I'll go WHEREVER the rate is highest as long as it's FDIC insured) who prefer to keep their money fairly close at hand, but traditionally it's been the Internet banks that have realized the greatest returns.

For those of you who are looking to get the highest percentage rates on your checking accounts, there's a great website appropriately called High Yield Checking Deals. Just choose your state from the drop-down menu and you'll quickly find the bank that offers the highest rates as well as what the minimum deposit for that rate is.

I was shocked to see that there were banks still listing returns over 6% on CHECKING accounts.
Some of them include:
  • Florida Central Credit Union 6.01%
  • Southern Missouri Bank 6.01%
  • Kansas State Bank 6.01%
  • Southern Missouri Bank 6.01%
  • United FCU 6.01%
You can also find Reward Checking Accounts as well as banks where you can open an account no matter WHERE you live. Be aware that a lot of these are INTRODUCTORY rates and may change at any time. If you're looking for other places to park your hard earned cash - you might want to Buy Gold Coins as gold has ALWAYS been a good choice to keep your portfolio diversified.

In order to truly live the good life, your money needs to be MAKING money!


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