Friday, April 3, 2009

Review: - Books for your silver spoon baby!

This week I had the pleasure of reviewing and reading to my newest niece two books by Leslie Patricelli. I LOVE being the Aunt that does all of the fun stuff!
Baby Happy, Baby Sad stars none other than Ms. Patricelli's BALD BABY (as in Yummy Yuckie, Binkie, Blankie, etc.). Bald Baby is a character that every baby can identify with. With it's BIG head, little pink nipples, curley cue hair and HUGE smile (no mention of he or she - which is GREAT) this baby is EVERYONE'S friend. Baby Happy, Baby Sad has wonderfully simple illustrations of emotions that your child will respond to with a knowing look.

The second book that I read to her was Higher! Higher! As a parent you'll immediately remember the day that YOUR toddler first experienced a swing set, screaming "higher, higher" to you. The little girl in this book has meetings with a giraffe, an airplane, a rocket ship and more as she soars higher on the swing that her dad is pushing. The end will be no surprise, if you've been the pushie! AND - I can assure you, that you'll be begged to go to the playground that VERY minute.

Both of these books were engaging and I enjoyed reliving MY child's swinging moments and emotions along with the characters. Leslie Patricelli's books can be found at major bookstores as well as on

Remember that reading to your child is the BEST way to foster a love of learning in your child.


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