Friday, March 27, 2009

Relax with a good magazine and a glass of wine.

Sorry, I don't have the wine to give you, you'll just have to uncork something that you've already got, but I do have a GREAT list of FREE magazines for you. You'll be living the good life with the money you save on these!!! You might even want to sign up your mother as a nice mother's day gift!
Here's a little tip when signing up for the free magazines from Mercury Magazines as well as Freebiz Magazines. When you are asked "What business are you in?" you may choose "other" & "homemaker" or "student" and then just choose options that are "other" or "none". You DON'T have to be in business to get SOME of these.

There's a little something for EVERYONE in that list. Thanks to freebiesandmuchmore for this list. With the lag time between signing up and getting your first issue, you should be enjoying your magazines on the beach this summer.


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Wendy said...

I tried getting the Woman's Day mag and no matter what I put in it won't let me get it. I think you have to put very specific jobs in to get some of these magazines. I wish I knew what it was!

Zippy said...

Both Freebiz and Mercury Magazines have a tendency to pull these offers quickly. If it doesn't let you put the information in (after trying another job title, etc), I'd just move on to the next offer.

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