Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Paris Anyone?

Paris, Air FranceI'll be there in October, and I plan to tell you how I developed the Champagne Living method of how I spend little to nothing on my airline tickets, how I stay for less than the average person, etc. in a future post.

Right now you can get a head start on YOUR trip to France (or anywhere else that Air France flies), by answering a questionnaire on Flying Blue (Air France's airline points program). If you act quickly they're going to give you 1,000 free points towards your next flight.

Now....let's see, how do we get the other 49,000 miles to make it a free trip, which is the ONLY way to live the good life for less!

Thank you to Wendy from Sweetie's Swag for letting me know about this.


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Wendy said...

WooHoo! France is awesome. Not sure about the weather in October but I'd be there with you if I could :-) I'm looking forward to you posts.

Zippy said...

The weather in October is perfect. I like to get away from the ONE season thing here in FL. October tends to be in the upper 60's (although 2 years ago it was in the upper 70's & I wasn't prepared to be so warm). You have to remember that it rarely gets cold enough to snow in Paris. The summer months are the worst - think New York in the heat of the summer). April & October are my 2 favorites.

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