Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mani/Pedi anyone?

This afternoon I tossed on a pair of sandals and ran out the door to shop for a new computer. Once in the store, I looked down at my feet. I was SO embarrassed! How could I have left the house like this? My french manicure is well worn and chipped and it looks like I had slopped on some of that Tinkerbell polish that we used to get when we were young. You know the kind that I mean...RIGHT? UGH....

But, as things usually happen, as soon as I got home I found a message in my inbox from Wendy at Sweetie's Swag once again. This time it was for Essie nail polish. We're not talking Maybelline here girls - this is the GOOD STUFF!

Of course I'd be remiss if I didn't share this great deal with you. But, I'm telling you now

ACT QUICKLY because they're only giving away 5,000 bottles

and as you know - GOSSIP travels fast in the rich circles that we all run in

Here are the details. Glamour magazine is giving away MINI bottles of a light pink polish (perfect for either the base of a French manicure or on it's own for an American style manicure). It looks to be the color that I wear on my hands, that give my nails that nice healthy look.

So enjoy your home mani/pedi or bring the bottle with you next time you go to the salon, because it looks like a real good life color. ENJOY!


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