Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Living the good life means communicating with your partner!!

It's ABOUT TIME that SOMEONE wrote this book and I applaud Bethany & Scott Palmer for breaking the silence.

First Comes LOVE Then Comes MONEY

The #1 reason that couples fight and get divorced - MONEY. The Palmer's (The Money Couple) teach how to

  • Diagnose your level of financial infidelity
  • Identify your individual Money Personality
  • Master the Money Huddle and the Money Dump
  • Achieve financial goals once and for all
This is a book that EVERY couple needs. Most couples don't know how to talk about money. Thinking back over my 29 year marriage, there were times that I wasn't completely honest with my husband about money. I may have lied about the price of a pair of shoe, I had a "secret" bank account (my grandmother told me years ago that every woman should have a secret account "just in case"), etc. The Palmer's explain that I was guilty of financial infidelity!

What this book does is to help you examine your money relationship and how to REALLY discuss money with your spouses. They offer solutions for just about EVERY money conflict.

I wish that this book was available YEARS ago, because in retrospect I probably would have done things a lot differently.

If you're struggling with money issues, you NEED THIS BOOK! How can you live the good life, if money is getting in the way?


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