Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's my favorite time of year.

No, I'm not talking about Spring, when the birds chirp, the crocuses (yes, that's correct - I looked it up) begin pushing through the ice and snow here in South Florida and a young man's fancy turns to LOVE. I'm talking about SPA WEEK!

I'm talking $50 Spa Treatments at TOP QUALITY Spa's around the country!!! It's that twice yearly event that I WAIT for (my landlord's going to KILL me when he sees the chalk marks I've put on the walls). It's been since OCTOBER since the last one.

Once again, it appears that Elizabeth Arden's Red Door Salon is participating along with a LOT of new and established salons.

  • April 13 - 19, 2009
  • $50 Spa Treatments
  • More Cities ADDED!!
  • BOOK QUICKLY as there is limited availability!!!!
  • Some spas can be booked online, other's (like The Red Door) you'll have to call to make your appointment.

Last time around you could get ~

  • Spa Week Facial - This popular facial uses specially-selected Elizabeth Arden products to clarify, purify and reveal beautifully refreshed skin.
  • A Spa Week Pedicure - A luxurious service which includes an exfoliating cream and sugar scrub and a lower leg and foot massage.
  • Spa Week Body Melt - After gentle exfoliation, your body is enveloped in a balm of hydrating melted shea butter followed by a stress-melting massage.
  • Spa Week Brazilian Wax - Elizabeth Arden’s exclusive “ouchless” beeswax is applied warm then removed gently leaving the skin absolutely smooth.
  • AND that's just a SAMPLE of what's available. I guess I just gave away where you'll find me.

Ahhhhhh - Spa Week makes living the Good Life EASY!


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The Real Ginger said...

Nice--thanks for the tip!

Zippy said...

Happy to pass along the information...we can ALL use a massage & facial these days.

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