Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bye, bye Martha, I just found a NEW daytime favorite.

For me, the good life doesn't include much television outside of The Travel Channel and a few faves on "regular" TV. I absolutely abhor sitting and doing NOTHING, it's so - NOT the rich life. But, I guess there's a LOT that I've been missing!

This week was a "ME" week. On Tuesday, I went to North Palm Beach to visit Shana at the North Beach Salon for cut, color and camaraderie. I have to say that she did a FABULOUS job and sitting there with the Palm Beach in-crowd is always interesting.

On Thursday, it was the Bella Lani salon in Tradition, for a mani/pedi - where not only did I come out with great looking nails, but I met some wonderful people. Eva, who was getting her nails done as well let me know about a great seminar coming up about thermage and we talked about the benefits of using Orajel when whitening your teeth. Going to get my nails done is always a great experience, and it's not a lot of money (that $12 manicure is a STEAL, considering everything else that I get out of it).

Here's the BEST part. They have big plasma screen television's that were set on TLC and while I'd normally not bother to watch, the show "10 Years Younger" came on and I was HOOKED. I've been LIVING UNDER A ROCK - I swear. I had never see the show "10 Years Younger" before this. Glass box aside (ugh, subjecting one's self to this is, I don't know - so HORRIBLE), the fact that they use stylists, hair & makeup artists, a dermatologist and a dentist to FIX these people up was FAB. No plastic surgery, no nip/tuck, no extreme makeovers here. Just good tricks of the trade.

So, I guess that daytime TV isn't all soap opera's and talk shows. Oh, the things you learn at the salon. I've bookmarked the schedule so that I don't forget to watch it, because this is ONE show that can help you live the good life.


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2 comments: said...

I think I will have to check this one out! sounds like MY KINDA SHOW! :)

Zippy said...

Oh Anjie, it was great - except for the glass box that they put the person in on the street (people had to guess there age - very humiliating). Otherwise it was practical and had great tips for dressing and looking younger.

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