Monday, December 1, 2008


I'm one of those people who would rather give a wonderful gift to someone else and go without for myself. It makes me happy....DEAL WITH IT, that's who I am. This year I don't have many gifts to get for the holidays, as I'm pretty well all set (well, except for my son's girlfriend....I haven't figured out what I'm doing for her yet). Of course that hasn't stopped me from looking for unique gifts.

A gift that's well thought out is the most special. It doesn't have to be expensive, that's not what being thoughtful is about. Remember how your mother always used to say "it's the thought that counts?" Well, THINK and you'll put together the perfect gift.

I LOVE to enter sweepstakes. I've been hooked since I won my first bicycle in a raffle at the age of 4 or 5. I remember a particularly wonderful gift that I received quite a few years back from my son. I believe that he was too young to work, so he had saved his allowance to buy me a gift. I was shocked to see how much thought and love had gone into this gift, yet it didn't cost him a lot of money. He had packaged up some 3x5 cards and a small package of envelopes. The whole gift probably cost under $2.00, yet it was THE gift that I'll always remember, because he really understood what I LOVE.

If you DO have a lot to spend...there are some VERY cool gifts that I was able to find this year that are PERSONAL and FUN.

FAO Schwartz is giving you the opportunity to design your own Whatnot MUPPET. What's a Whatnot you ask? Well, they're all those zany looking extras that you see in the Muppet Show. Now you can create one of your VERY own....for only $130. Right now you can only order them in store, but pretty soon (February I think), you'll be able to order one online at Muppet Whatnot Worshop. So, move over Miss Piggy....Ms.Champagne may be moving in on your Kermit.

Looking for something a little more PERSONAL? Over at DNA11 you can LITERALLY frame your DNA. Too sterile? Well, they also make artwork out of your fingerprints or your KISS.

Right now I live in Florida, but I consider "home" to be Rhode Island (& Paris - but, that's another story), because that's where I spent most of my life. There's a very cool store called OOP in Providence (there are actually a few of their stores in & around RI). I got all excited to find out that I can order from them online as well. It's one of those funky, cool stores where you can find everything from tacky, to kitsch, to one of a kind furniture. choice was this hysterical knife holder. Looks like a great gift for a soon to be ex, or someone with a great sense of humor.

Needless to say, there are TONS of great gifts out there. Oh & if you're looking for something to buy for ME. I've been wanting the "Strip Tea" glasses from Fish's Eddy.


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Kalee said...

I tried the link for the DNA thing, but it didn't work, would you please send me the website? Thanks!

Zipporah said...

Kalee, thanks for letting me know about the link. It's all fixed now.

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