Sunday, November 2, 2008

REVIEW ~ Surfside Soap Bar

I smell like Christmas. No, not pre-Christmas....but the real thing. Sandy at Surfside Soap Bar sent me a little pre-holiday gift to try and I just wanted to share how wonderful her soaps, body scrubs and foot soaks are. The soap that she sent me was her newest holiday soap with the scent of Frankincense & Myrrh (see I told you I smell like Christmas).

Now, I love buying great soaps, because they're one of those luxuries that no matter how little money I may have, I can still afford to buy them. I figure, they last a long while and the $5.00 I spend will give me a LOT of pleasure. This particular soap has a base of goats milk. So, it's very emolliant and my skin just felt so soft and silky after using it. It made me feel VERY pampered!

Sandy's really into aromatherapy, and as a result all of her soaps just smell so wonderful. Frankincense & Myrrh are both essential oils that were used for centuries for meditation and spiritual practices. They are supposed to center the mind and calm the spirit. Yes...I definitely feel calmer after washing with it....oh & I SMELL LIKE CHRISTMAS!

Sandy has just set up a website with her Surfside Soap Bar soaps, but she doesn't have any way to check-out or purchase them on her site yet. So, if you'd like to try them you can always drop her an e-mail at I know that she has other customers who order via e-mail.

I'm trying to talk her into offering a giveaway on Champagne Living, but she wants to wait until she has her shopping cart & checkout all set up. In the meantime, check out her great soaps and stuff at Surfside Soap Bar (by the way her Insect & Mosquito Repellant is the BEST I've ever used and it's the ONLY one that I'll use on my dog.

MMMMM.....did I tell you that I smell like Christmas?


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