Wednesday, November 12, 2008

REVIEW ~ I just AWAKENED my skin & it looks GREAT!

Just say the word "FREE" and you've got my attention. So, it was no surprise when I saw a free trial for some skin cream packets on November 3, that I'd be pushing the "send" button on that offer. Most of the time, the free things I get in the mail get pushed into a pile on the kitchen counter until I have the time to sort through them. You know, those free deoderant and small shampoo bottles (and creams) may go into the guest bathroom and the rest get used in their own good time. I don't know why, call it fate, or the fact that I REALLY loved some of the unusual advertising on their site but I was excited about trying this one.

The small sachet packets of "HANDS", "FEET", "FACE & NECK" and the tiny bottle of "MUDFACE" were delicately packed and tied in the nicest looking bag, but I didn't care....I just ripped into it. I probably haven't had a spa facial in a good long time, so I decided that the first thing I'd try is MUDFACE. Just so you know, I hadn't used a mud mask since I was a teenager and had been afraid to use anything like this on my "aging" skin, but because the ingredients included things like aloe vera, chamomile, myrhh, zinc oxide and tea tree oil, I assumed that it wouldn't be too harsh. I looked foolish with the green goop drying all over my face (even Clem my mini-bull terrier wouldn't come near me), but after the 5 minutes to dry I was rinsing it off. Well, I felt like I had just had an anti-aging facial at the spa!. My skin felt wonderfully clean and baby soft. You know, I live in Florida and have terribly sun-damaged skin (I grew up in the days when we'd lie out in the sun, drenched in baby oil & a little iodine to get a VERY dark tan), so this is MAJOR! Now I'm's AT HOME SPA TIME.

After giving myself a manicure and pedicure. I used both the FEET Dead Sea Foot Cream and the HANDS Dead Sea Hand Cream. Yup, same deal....they were absolutely WONDERFUL! When they say you only need a pearl sized drop, they mean it (I never pay attention to those directions, because it's NEVER bad). Both the "HANDS" and "FEET" absorbed without that nasty, greasy feeling, yet they were soft. I read the information (after using the creams of course...LOL) and found out that "FEET" even has ODOR CONTROL.

Now, I need to tell you that I am LOYAL to my face creams and lotions, so it was VERY difficult for me to rip open the packet of FACE&NECK and put it on, but I was on a roll with this stuff. The ingredients seems a little unusual - ivy, myrhh, grape seed oil & amino acids to shield against wrinkles and "turkey neck" and it's supposedly the only product in its category to use Yerba Mate (which I SWEAR I just saw them drinking on Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" a few weeks ago). I was cautious, to say the least. OK, so this stuff felt really heavy and thick on my fingertips - but my-oh-my when I began to spread it over my skin, it was so RICH and EMOLLIANT! Not only did it feel great, but when I looked in the mirror my skin was glowing. Did it reduce the puffiness? YES! Do I look better? YES! Did it erase my wrinkles? Well, I'm giving it more time, but my skin looks so healthy now that maybe nobody will notice that I'm no longer 25 years old.

Back at the computer, I went to the Awakening Skin Care site to check out their prices (and where I could actually purchase them). Most of their items were in the $10-$20 range, with the exception of the anti-aging "FACE&NECK Mineral Anti Wrinkle Cream" (but, I use a product normally that begins with a "K" and ends with an "ase" at more than DOUBLE the price, plus "FACE&NECK" is on SALE right now). Unfortunately, they don't sell it here in South Florida yet, so I have to order mine over the Internet, but it is carried in LOTS of other places (just take a look). At these prices, there's just no excuse NOT to have great, healthy looking skin.

By the way, I was not paid to write this, they did not send me these items because I have a blog...I just LOVE these products. I DID tell them yesterday how much I love Awakening Mineral Therapies for Healthy Skin and I think you'll be seeing some fabulous giveaways of some of their products RIGHT HERE on Champagne Living in the near future


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