Wednesday, October 22, 2008

WINNING ~ enter to win some sweepstakes today (The 200's)

Since I launched a new giveaway yesterday, it put me in a sweepstaking mood. For me that's a dangerous place to be, or rather for my husband it is. Why? Because since it's my FAVORITE hobby (and why wouldn't it be, I love WINNING) I tend to lose track of time when I'm on a sweepstakes entering spree. What does that mean? Well, in this household it means, clothes may sit in the dryer a bit longer (a bit????) than usual, dinner will most definitely be late (or take-out if he gets hungry enough) and Clem the Bull-Terrier will be wondering why he's not getting any attention (he's actually jealous of the computer and jumps up on my computer chair whenever I get up & stares at the me).

So, come on and join me. Let's have some fun. Check around the site for sweepstakes other than those listed here that are still ongoing and have some fun.

Here are my "200's" (these are sweepstakes with 200-299 prizes). Just for fun, I picked a random number to start with....

* Monsters & Critics is giving away 250 copies of a paperback versions of “Caught Stealing” in October, “Six Bad Things” in November, and “A Dangerous Man” in December. Not only that, but you can download the free pdf version of Charlie Huston's "Caught Stealing." while you're there. So, a sweep & a freebie on the same page....WHOO HOO.
1x per e-mail address
End Date: 11/20

* Paul Mitchell has a sweepstakes in the lower right hand corner of the page for 200 sample sized bottles of Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo.
1x per person
End Date: 11/15

* Parenting Magazine has a sweepstakes right now that is offering 200 winners a $25 Shell Gas Card.
Daily Entry - Void in NJ
End Date: 11/15

So, go - enter - win & watch for more later today!


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