Monday, October 27, 2008

MAKING MONEY ~ work at home opportunities

I spend a lot of time on this blog offering opportunities to PURCHASE things at great prices. I teach how to go out to dinner or stay at a wonderful hotel for little to no money, and how to get some great deals and freebies. I love talking about fashion and style and how you can create a great wardrobe using what you already have as a base. But, I'd be remiss in my goal if I didn't offer ways to earn extra money. Why? Because without that little extra in your pocket, you may not be able to afford those gorgeous Tag Heuer watches that are going on sale tomorrow!

I know that a good number of my readers are stay at home mom's as well as retirees trying to stretch a buck. I was thinking that what better place to earn money than at HOME. So many companies are now offering telecommuting jobs to their employees as well as hiring from outside of their associate base as the cost is much less for them. I spent the better part of this morning looking for some opportunities that are available RIGHT NOW. I'm not talking companies that may hire once in a while, but these have jobs listed today.

Stewart Response Group of Portland, ME is looking for Call Representatives who would like to work from home. Their average agent earns $13-$15 per hour, while their top agents make up to $20/hr. You must have high-speed internet access, email account and basic computer skills, as well as a strong commitment to sales success. The details are all outlined on the Jobs in Maine website.

If you love writing Helium is always on the lookout for new writers. They are sort of like a coop for advertisers looking for people to write articles for big name publishers looking to hire a freelancer. Currently, earnings range from $16 to $200 per article! They also offer writing contests, etc. So, if you're passionate about SOMETHING, you may be able to get a job writing about it.

Idapted is hiring conversational English trainers for Chinese students. Training is provided by Idapted. Basically trainers would be helping Chinese students practice their English on the phone. No teaching experience required.

STUDENTS - want a news internship, but there just aren't any nearby? AHN Global News is offering a rare opportunity to work in news and get real life experience, exposure and byline credit, while telecommuting. Must be a currently enrolled junior, senior or graduate student at a two or four year college or university post graduate program with a strong acedemic record.

So, go HOME & get a JOB!!!!


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