Saturday, October 4, 2008

ENTERTAINMENT ~ Reading Matter

I don't have to tell you that the BEST place to get reading matter is your public library (as well as DVDs, CDs, magazines and in some libraries - art to hang on your walls). There are however plenty of other ways to get a free book or magazine subscription for your own enjoyment.

On Friday the delivery truck pulled up with two packages. Inside each was a book that had either just been published, or was about to be published. They were Advanced Readers copies, that I was given to read and then review. This is how publishers create buzz about their books (especially those from new or unknown authors). Not only are there advanced reader programs for adults, but teens and children can participate as well. So, today I am going to list a few of the programs that are out there. Be aware that some of them are a random draw for the books, while others are first come, first served, so there is no guarantee that you'll get every book that is listed.

1. The Crown Publishing House (a division of Random House) has created a program called Read It Forward. This month they are offering books to the first 200 to request one via e-mail.

2. Harper Collins runs the First Look website. This month you could score a book by Meg Cabot or even Sir Roger Moore. Please note, that when you sign up for each book, you'll have to tell them WHY you want to read it.

3. If you're a Romance Novel reader and don't mind reading online, Avon books has a program called Love Gives Back where every month you'll be able to read new books before they hit the stores.

4. Speaking of Romance Novels, Harlequin the BIGGEST name in Romance sponsors Tell Harlequin.

5. For Advanced Reading copies of religious based books, you can check out Zondervan.

So, sign up, get your FREE BOOKS and start reading.

Sometimes I just don't have the time to sit and read, knowing that I'll be interupted or that I'm just too tired to REALLY concentrate. I can however, read a short article, check out a recipe or find out the latest dirt on my favorite celebrities. There are PLENTY of free magazine subscriptions available (with no credit card necessary and no bill). You do have to act quickly, as these tend to be limited and some of them you may have to "jump through hoops" a bit to get, but believe me they're worth it (although my mailperson may not think so).

1. Rewards Gold often asks a simple survey question and offers a magazine subscription as a reward. Right now they have subscriptions for Blender, TV Guide, Inc, Working Mother, Golf Digest, Vibe and US News & World Report.

2. ValueMags, which sells magazines also offers free subscriptions every now and again. Right now you can get a 2 year subscription to Ready Made (which I had posted earlier this week), as well as Boating Life and Water Ski.

Well, it's Saturday and I've got to get back to reading my Advanced Copy of Tethered by Amy MacKinnon. Enjoy and go relax with a good book.


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Atun said...

There are however plenty of other ways to get a free book or magazine subscription for your own enjoyment.
On Friday the delivery truck pulled up with two packages.

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Zipporah said...

That's great, I'll be posting more ways in the future, but please share (I'd love to know how).


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