Saturday, October 25, 2008

SHOPPING ~ Today's DEALS that just can't wait!

This is an alert for those readers who are members of Costco. I'm thinking that this deal might just turn into my husband's holiday gift (please don't tell him, it's a secret and he doesn't read this blog). I haven't seen a 32" LCD TV for this low a price anywhere else!
This is an IN STORE deal.....
32" LCD Westinghouse TV for $399
Model number SK-32H540S. 720P/1080i.
90 day return
2nd year warranty free from Costco
2 HDMI Ports
1 VGA Port
1 Component inputs
2 Composite inputs


Okay, you might want to file this under COMPLETE WASTE of Money, because I don't believe in having even TOY guns in the house (and this one is called an Assault Rifle), but I just couldn't resist. Think Geek has a Marshmallow Assault Rifle in their clearance department. It has two different barrels. The bottom barrel shoots mini marshmallows and the top barrel will hold one regular sized marshmallow at a time. Originally priced at $39.99, it's been marked down to a clearance price of $14.95. Ok, so it looks like fun, but I'm not biting ;).
I'll admit this is one of the least glamourous items you can buy. Men's Socks to be exact, but I feel like I'm always buying them for my husband. I just can't figure out what he does to them (either one gets lost, they get holes in them or the washing machine turns them UGLY colors).
Wal-Mart has Jerzees Men's Socks on sale at 12 pair for only $4.50. It looks like you can choose colors and perhaps even the style if you act quickly. To save on shipping, choose the Site to Store option or have them shipped for only a dollar or two.


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