Monday, September 29, 2008

SHOPPING - Decals & Designs to dress your laptop

I would NEVER have even thought to look at laptop skins. I don't know why. It's just something that I really hadn't considered. But, my brother was looking to purchase a new laptop this weekend and had come across some that came in COLORS. The problem is that they were charging an extra $100 just for a case that came in blue, pink or red. I had remembered seeing laptop skins on one of my shopping ventures and told him to HOLD OFF spending the extra $$$. I stopped into Target, cruised through eBay and went on a SEARCH. In my travels I came across Decal Girl Not only did I find laptop skins, but there are decals for EVERY IMAGINABLE electronic device that you can think of. Her prices are quite reasonable, actually in the same price range as the eBay auctions that I found (in some cases up to $15 LESS than what I had found on eBay).

I'm also thinking that these would make great stocking stuffer gifts for the teenagers (or college aged kids) that I have to buy for. I like the idea of giving unique gifts and in the $20 range I won't be doing any damage to my wallet.

UPDATE!!! I just found some DISCOUNT codes for this site:
For 15% off use Promotion Code: PSPHOME
Free Shipping with a $30+ order use Promotion Code: SAVER


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