Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jackie Silver is Aging Backwards & she's sharing her SECRETS!!!

The one piece of living the Champagne Life that is probably the MOST important is taking care of yourself. I mean, how can you possible ENJOY life when you're not healthy and at your best? No complaints about age please....they just don't cut it with me. I'm caught somewhere between middle aged and older (although frankly I could never figure out HOW OLD you have to be to fit into EITHER of those terms). Thankfully, I don't feel my age....well, most of the time anyway. Heck, I don't even ACT my age (luckily that always put me in the "cool mom" category with my son's friends when he lived at home), and yes my husband finds me mildly embarassing at times because of it.

Anyway, I was chatting up a storm on Twitter a week ago (if you're a twitterer or want to be one, you can follow me at when I "met" Jackie (twitter ID We had a nice conversation about trains and the romance of the Orient Express. Of course, since I didn't really "know" her, I checked out her site (which was listed on her twitter profile). I wondered if she had TRULY found the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH. You see - Jackie doesn't look a day over 35 - and she's 50 years old. Good genes you say? Well, I got to see a few pictures of her when she was younger & let me tell you - she has DEFINITELY improved with age. Jackie has found the secret to Aging Backwards and she's sharing it with EVERYONE!

Jackie has written a book called "Aging Backwards: Secrets to Staying Young." Of course I bought it....I deserve it! I was hoping that there might be one or two pieces of information that I had missed along the way. One of the things that I thought before digging into it was that it was going to be a "same old, same old" book that talks about diet, exercise & how to apply makeup. While those subjects are tackled in this book, I couldn't have been more wrong. I've been around the block a few times and I must say that most of the material was NEW TO ME. She is the truly high priestess of anti-aging.

Jackie tackles nutrition (and supplements), exercise, beauty and brain function as well as a host of other topics. It's the kind of book that you can skip chapters and then go back as the information is very easy to find. I especially LOVED her Aging Backwards Favorites and have made myself a wishlist of some of the things that she suggests.


If your New Year's resolution is to take care of YOURSELF this year, then Aging Backwards is what you should be striving for. Go check out Jackie's website at Aging Backwards and see for yourself.

Jackie's new book "Aging Backwards: Secrets to Staying Young"is available
Use the PROMO CODE: stayingyoung for an extra $3.00 off

Jackie Silver is the Aging Backwards Beauty Expert and is a regular contributor on the syndicated TV show, Daytime. She's also the beauty editor for Clear Channel's Mix 100.7 Nancy & Chris Mornings in Tampa Bay. Silver is a weekly contributor to the midlife Web site,, editorial consultant to Total Health Breakthroughs, contributor to and a sought-after speaker.


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Anonymous said...

Wow she looks absolutely amazing. I would never have guessed her age.

I have a problem submitting these types of forms in firefox. I have noticed it at other blogs who use the same type of form. I have to use internet explorer to comment.

Are you able to comment on this form with Firefox? Do you happen to know if my settings are wrong. I can't figure out what the problem is.

Zipporah said...

I'm using Firefox and haven't have a problem. The funny thing is that the reason that I changed the form was that someone had told me that they had a problem submitting it with IE.

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